Dujeous – No Clearance Mixtape

By far one of those most creative directions for a mixtape I’ve seen in a hot minute.  Props to Alex of Dujeous for sending this over.  I don’t wanna give away too much but just look at the tracklist below (download link at the bottom).  That speaks volumes.  And then you’ll see why they named the mix No Clearance.  I’m all about left field flavor and going against the grain.

01  Intro f/ Cornelius
02  Into Night f/ The Shins
03  So Chill f/ Steve Miller Band
04  The More You Find Out f/ The Budos Band
05  Uptown f/ Joe Cuba
06  Don’t Sing f/ Dolly Parton
07  Slay Bells f/ The Peanuts Gang
08  The Recap (So Real) f/ Jeff Buckley
09  Sunshine f/ John Denver
10  No Wars, No Cars f/ Ellen Allien
11  8 Years f/ Mr. Hudson and Dubya
12  Internet Friend f/ Simon & Garfunkel and EQ

Bonus tracks:
13 Mmmm f/ Crash Test Dummies
14 Break Bread (remix) f/ Menahan Street Band

DOWNLOAD | Dujeous – No Clearance (mixtape)


good stuff

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