DJs Myles & Lindsey – The Hump Vol. 3 Mix

As long as these two lovebirds keep churning these out, I’ll continue to post them.  Just to refresh your memories real quick, DJs Myles and Lindsey do an event called The Hump here in NYC every Wednesday (aka “Hump Day”) where they play nothing but music from 1998 to 1998.  One of my favorite places to go.  And sometimes they make these little companion mixes to get people familiar w/ the vibe of the party.

Their first mix was a straight, to-the-point “ooooh factor” lesson, the second was a tribute to the West.  And just in time for Valentine’s Day, they give you the third volume: ALL SLOW JAMS.  Act like you know.

DOWNLOAD | DJs Myles & Lindsey – The Hump Vol. 3 Mix
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The difference between this pic and their first one is heeelarious.

Ape added these pithy words on Feb 12 09 at 5:16 pm

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