DJ Turne – Turne It Up (Dillalicious Mix Vol. 1) / Ame – Donuts: The Blueprints

Ladies and gents, meet DJ Turne from the Netherlands.  This is probably in my top five posthumous Dilla mixes.  It was one of the very first ones to drop shortly after his untimely demise in 2006.  It’s just a very well done mix.  Fantastic blends and great song selections.  It pretty much encompasses the entire Yancey spectrum in just under an hour’s time.  I would give this mix to someone who may not be familar w/ J Dilla if I wanted them to get interested in learning more.  Unfortunately, I don’t think he ever did a second volume of this.  He definitely should.

Alot of folks may think it’s sacrilegious to do this sort of thing.  Especially in Dilla’s case.  This mix definitely caused a little uproar in that aspect.  But personally, I think it’s educational as long as you don’t reveal the secrets.  AME from Belgium did his homework and released this as a dedication to the genius of Dilla Dog.  A fluid and continuous montage of some choice cuts from Donuts along with the original samples.  And you must be crazy if you think I’m giving you a tracklist.


you know I made that mix for Jay as a fan after seeing him 3 months before his untimely death.. It was finished the day before he passed (true story)… I than changed the beginning and had to do something with it… so I put it online.. it led its own life… I made a part 2 after getting seriouse props from jazzy jeff… but never released it


turne added these pithy words on Feb 19 09 at 8:28 pm

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