Blu – HerFavoriteColo(u)r.

All props due to Safia for putting me on to this via Twitter or I would have been even later than I normally am on posting stuff.  At first I thought this was one of those fan-made compilations of loose joints that folks to try to pass off as something official.  So I did some investigation.  And believe it or not, Blu put it out himself.  Via his MySpace blog.  On a Saturday.  On Valentine’s Day.  LOL.  Which definitely accounts for it kinda falling under the radar like this. 

But I’m glad he’s getting some more music out to the masses.  The guy puts out more quality material than folks that have been in the game twice or three times as long as he has.  And if I’m not mistaken, this is all self-produced as well.  So(ul) amazing.

DOWNLOAD | Blu – HerFavoriteColo(u)r.


thank you! blu is one of the nicest right now.

leandra added these pithy words on Feb 15 09 at 6:26 pm

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