6th Sense – It’s a 6th Sense Beat Yo!!

6th Sense is one of the most talented cats I have had the pleasure of meeting within the past year.  Simply put, it’s only a matter of time before 6th gets is “outta here.” Like into the stratosphere, professionally speaking.  If you frequent the blogosphere, you’ve probably seen his name everywhere.  That means he’s doing his job correctly.  Poppin’ up rhymin’ here, doing a video there. 

This project showcases his true passion – production.  A showcase of 32 incredible beats with incredible range (and an intro) packed nicely into a ZIP file for your listening pleasure.  I wish him nothing but success.  Peep this now so you can join in telling folks “I told you so…” when the time comes.

DOWNLOAD | 6th Sense – It’s a 6th Sense Beat Yo!!

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