VIDEO: Nokia N96 x Bruce Lee Promos

Some viral video / promos for the limited edition Nokia N96 x Bruce Lee phone being released in China.  I almost want to do some research into how these were made, because they are simply incredible.  But a part of me wants to keep the mystery intact.  The first video is “Bruce” playing ping-pong with his nunchucks and the other is him lighting matches with his same, signature weapon.

Is it old Bruce Lee footage superimposed with some current, slick technology?  Or is it a dead-ringer look-alike who’s just really nice with the ‘chucks?  I dunno.  All I know if that I’ve watched these about a million times already.  Roughly.


I had to come back and look at this. The ping pong ball’s trajectory seems forced at times. Still ill.

johnson! added these pithy words on Jan 01 09 at 5:48 pm

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