Nathaniel (aka Aloe Blacc) – “La La La” / “Ooh Wahh”

I’m not gonna always post brand new stuff here.  Sometimes I’m gonna reach back into the vaults and grab something that not many folks may be up on.  I figured this qualifies.  Before Aloe Blacc hopped on the Stones Throw roster as one of their most diverse artists (emcee / singer), he went simply by his given name Nathaniel and dropped this 12″.  It was around the time that the word “neo soul” was being thrown around like a dirty dish towel so it probably fell into that ill-fated category.  Doesn’t matter though because they are both cool joints. Somethin’ to kick back and relax to.


whoooo… two of my favorite joints right here.
i think its of note to mention that TaRaach produced both tracks
& also that this single is what got Aloe his deal with Stones Throw

i’ve been tryna twist Raach’s arms to let me post “The Fellatio EP” – the full project they did together
he says they’re recording new songs for it though, so we’ll see….

Kenny Fresh added these pithy words on Dec 30 08 at 9:46 pm

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