DJ Lindsey – A Black Santa Christmas Mix

I’ll let Lindsey do all the talking on this one.  Cuz it’s a cute story:

“My Mom was a big fan of painting everything black. All of the ceramic collectibles and especially the Santas! During this ritual and for about a month before Christmas through a month after she would play these odd Christmas songs (well odd to me then) by current artists that she liked of that time (think The Whispers, Luther Vandross, The Temptations, Alexander O’Neal,etc.) much to my dismay.

Well, a lot of those songs grew on me and then I added in some flavor of my own to this mix. I’m working on my own collection of holiday jams to drive my kids crazy some day! It’s a vicious cycle, nawmean!?”

DOWNLOAD | DJ Lindsey – A Black Santa Christmas Mix
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