8thW1 – “Song of Random Thoughts” / “Who Am I Kiddin”

Every now and then, the homie 8thW1 will drop a gem or two in my inbox and I get amped every time.  I just learned about the AOK Collective emcee this year thanks to the good folks at Homebase NYC.  I became an instant fan.  And apparently, so did a bunch of you out there in Internet-land.  Y’all hit the site up crazy when I posted “Flawed” back in September.  So here’s some more fire. 

First off we got “Song of Random Thoughts,” which is pretty self-explanatory (produced by Quiryoga).  And the other is “Who Am I Kiddin,” where 8thW1 jacks / loops up one of Kanye’s melancholy 808s & Heartbreaks beats and assumes the “sucker for love” role quite convincingly.

DOWNLOAD | 8thW1 – “Song of Random Thoughts”
DOWNLOAD | 8thW1 – “Who Am I Kiddin”


YEA BABY! thick glasses, lol
good stuff

8th added these pithy words on Dec 23 08 at 12:19 am

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