The Further Adventures of Von Pea (mixtape) + BONUS: “We Can Get Down 2003″

ONE DAY EARLY!  Trees for Breakfast is holding you down a full day prior to the official release of Von Pea‘s new mixtape, The Further Adventures of Von Pea (November 11th is also his b-day).  Von has taken (without permission, but with love) a bunch of Madlib‘s zaniest beats and proceeds to catch wreck on every single one.  And he gets some help from a few friends.  I don’t even have to tell you that you absolutely MUST download it.  Wait, I guess I just did.

DOWNLOAD | The Further Adventures of Von Pea (mixtape)

And just cuz I am a nice guy, I’m throwing in a bonus for y’all – “We Can Get Down 2003,” a fresh re-make of the ATCQ classic.  This is the song that basically introduced me to Von back in ’03.  I’ve been a fan ever since.  It was on the hard-to-find album The Beatmaker (ask around, maybe someone can slide you a copy on the low).  I figure not alot of people have it since it came out before the blogosphere exploded.  And I Googled the hell out of it and couldn’t find it anywhere.  So if you see this pop up some other blog like they claimed it, YOU ALREADY KNOW.  Enjoy.


Dammit… I was gonna use “We Can Get Down” as a bonus track when I posted the mixtape – LOL.
Now you’re gonna make me dig even deeper :)

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