Jesse Boykins III – “Pantyhose”

Somethin’ hot off the presses from one of my favorite newcomers to the scene, Jesse Boykins III (peep his blog too).  I gotta give props to DJ Brainchild for putting me on to this cat a few months back.  He’s released a couple of EPs here and there via this insane creation we call the Internet.  Now he’s gearing up to finally release his full-length album entitled The Beauty Created on Tuesday, November 11th.  He says the album is inspired by “Spike Lee joints and summer love.”  Hot shit.

The deluxe single for “Pantyhose” drops on October 21st which includes a couple more tracks from the album as well as a MeLo-X remix of his most well-known joint “Tabloids.”  Fellas, if this doesn’t make you wanna scroll through your cell and text somethin’ slick to a shorty, I dunno what will.

DOWNLOAD | Jesse Boykins III – “Pantyhose”

NOTE:  This song can now be found on Jesse Boykins III’s fantastic album The Beauty CreatedClick here to cop the digital version on iTunes with an extra bonus track.

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