Madlib f/ Guilty Simpson – “Go!”

Sometimes I’m so glad I check my email late night.  You come across incredibly ill stuff like the following and lose your mind.  Ladies and gents, from the forthcoming WLIB: King of the Wigflip album, the very last installation of the Beat Generation series on the BBE label (set to drop on September 30th), I present to you a Madlib track that made me scrunch my face up so ugly just previous to making this post.  And Guilty just tore…man, I don’t think I even have to explain this any further.

All props due to one of my favorite blogs period, Classic Drug References

DOWNLOAD | Madlib f/ Guilty Simpson – “Go!”


I like violence.

DJStylus added these pithy words on Sep 15 08 at 9:39 pm

Interesting to know.

Seanna added these pithy words on Oct 28 08 at 5:17 am

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