Illa J – “We Here”

First of all, I jacked this from Nah Right (props due).  Secondly, with all the rapid fire posting that Nah Right does these days, it got buried kinda quick.  So I’m gonna let it breathe here.  And third, apparently I am dumb late on this in cyberspace time.

The tale goes like this:  Delicious Vinyl label founder Michael Ross was sitting on a bunch of unreleased instrumentals from the late, great J Dilla (I guess from some sort of unfinished project).  So what was the next logical thing to do?  Handing them over Dilla’s little brother, Illa J, to get busy over.  The end product?  An album entitled Yancey Boys that will be dropping sometime in the near future.  The LP will have some guest stars as well.  I’m always amped to hear some unearthed Dilla.

Let this joint wet your whistle for the time being.

DOWNLOAD | Illa J - “We Here”

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