Emilio Rojas – “That Time” / “Keep On Runnin”

You can’t really tell these days just by looking at the surface, but there is still GREAT stuff bubblin’ in the realm of New York hip-hop.  I recently discovered the music of this kid Emilio Rojas (thanks to the video for “That Time” and this freestyle) and I immediately latched on.  And I know exactly why.

His style / vibe is so reminiscent of the underground scene of the mid-late ’90s here in New York that I miss dearly.  Back when I thought Natural Elements were gonna be the next big thing.  Back when you couldn’t go to any hip-hop show without seeing Percee P outside w/ his boombox hustling his tapes.  Back when the Rocksteady Crew Anniversary was actually held in the Bronx.  But I digress.

If you’re dying to just hear some solid spitting over dope beats, look no further.  I’ve had these on stupid heavy rotation since I found the MP3s.  So I’m gonna pass ‘em on in hopes that you do the same.  Homie just seems so comfortable on the mic that he makes it look effortless.  “That Time” is produced by the incredible Aussie beatsmith M-Phazes and “Keep On Runnin” (a joint recorded in 2006) features Denosh on the hook.

“That Time”

“Keep On Runnin” f/ Denosh

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