Carlitta Durand – “You Got Me Pt. 1″

If you’re like me, you probably know Carlitta Durand as “the chick that sings the hooks for Little Brother and some other Justus League stuff.”  Every big hip-hop collective of the past had the token R&B singer.  Rocafella had Rell, The Native Tongues had Vinia Mojica, Wu-Tang had Tekitha (LOL).

So beyond Carlitta’s guest appearances I didn’t know much about her.  Then she dropped this new solo joint a couple days ago via her MySpace page.  Wooooooooow.  Love the vibe of this.  There’s always room for a fly little ”fall in love” joint.  I’m gonna continue to bump this for a minute.

DOWNLOAD | Carlitta Durand f/ Real 4 Real - “You Got Me Pt. 1″
(re-upped April 17, 2011)



good look

i got some more jams on the way lol

cdurand added these pithy words on Nov 01 08 at 8:13 pm

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