Waajeed – The Patty Hearst Beat Tape (2006)

I remember when I first got this CD back in early 2006.  Unfortunately I can’t remember where.  But all it was, was a plain CD w/ a white sticker on it that read “THE PATTY HEARST BEAT TAPE” across the top, “Produced by Waajeed” across the bottom and the little Bling 47 headphone-smiley face logo (with the www.bling47.com URL underneath) to the left. 

I felt like the shizit for a hot minute because I knew I was holding something exclusive and limited in my grubby mitts.  Nothing but bangin’ beats by Platinum Pied Pipers lead man (and Detroit’s own) Waajeed set across the backdrop of the infamous Patty Hearst story (complete w/ sound bites and the whole nine).  It was just a really dope method of showing some instrumentals and simultaneous watermarking.

Well, thanks to Bling 47 Radio, the CD that was only available to a select amount of folks is available worldwide via episode #2 of their podcast.  Make sure to subscribe y’all.  And you’re welcome.

DOWNLOAD | Waajeed – The Patty Hearst Beat Tape

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