DOCU-VIDEO: Invincible f/ Finale – “Locusts”

I really wish more artists would use the current trend and addictiveness of viral videos to educate.  Yeah, spittin’ hot fire in your bedroom or on your block w/ youur peeps behind you making noise is cool.  I like watching those too, trust me.  But DIY (do-it-yourself) is in full effect right now.  There’s no one looking over you to stop you from gettin’ busy in any way possible.

Please take 11 minutes out of your day to watch this docu-video for Invincible‘s “Locusts” (featuring Finale and produced by Houseshoes).  It’s a incredibly dope joint about the overwhelming gentrification and development of Detroit.  Abandoned houses getting torn down for strip malls, people being forced out of low-housing income…it’s serious y’all.  And intertwined between the music is some great documentary-type footage of people’s thoughts on the topic and what they are doing to fight the power.  The MP3 is below. 

And shouts to Classic Drug References where I found this.

DOWNLOAD | Invincible f/ Finale – “Locusts”

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