Ryan Leslie – “Diamond Girl (DJ Wonder Blend)”

Ladies and gents, I actually like “Diamond Girl.”  I like it alot.  However you won’t be seeing much mainstream music on this here blog.  Pretty much little to none.  You can find that kinda stuff anywhere and everywhere.  Get ya Google on.  But this is a special case.

I heard this specific mix on a Cornerstone mixtape (the one DJs Premier and Wonder did together).  The first minute is acapella, and then goes into pieces of about four classic instrumentals.  The beat that I almost knocked over my monitor on was the second one (specifically at the 1:23 mark).  I’m not gonna tell you what it is.  Just click the play button when you get to the bottom.

I was so enamored by it that I MySpace-inboxed Wonder asking if he had a mix with just that ONE BEAT.  He unfortunately said no.  It was something he did on the fly.  But he was kind enough to send over this MP3 for me to share w/ the world.  Not everyone has a connect to receive a Cornerstone mixtape in the mail, y’know.  Enjoy.


Another Cali ninja creeper. yay!

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