PICS: TFB Pre-Launch Party @ Blue Owl, 4/23.

pictured above (l to r): Sabrina (aka Brina Payne), Lindsey, Mary 

I should have posted these a long time ago.  Better late than never. 

Here are some pics (courtesy of Ms. G. Piedmonte) from a little shindig I hosted here in NY to celebrate the impending launch of this here blog.  The party:  The Hump @ Blue Owl, located in the heart of the East Village.  DJs Myles and Lindsey (along w/ a guest set by DJ Tahleim) provided hip-hop, R&B, dance and more from the years of 1988 – 1998. 

Those were pretty much my defining years.  I moved to Long Island in 1989 (6th grade) and I graduated high school in 1995, just to name a couple of milestones.  So it was nostalgia all night.  And I was glad to share it w/ my peeps.  Plus the flyer that Grotesk laced me with was hot fire.  I wish I had some stickers or something ready to give out.  But that idea is still happening, so stay tuned.

If you live in New York, The Hump happens every Wednesday.  And I’m pretty much there every single week.  I guess that makes me a “regular.”  Not many places in Manhattan where you can go for free, drink cheap, come as you are and listen to classic upon classic until you’re ready to go home.

BONUS (in case you missed it):  DJ Myles & Lindsey – The Hump Vol. 1 Mix

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