Both Nice f/ Jelani – “The Cuchifritos Groove”

6th Sense (the bored looking guy in the bottom right) and Wildabeast (the scruffy guy in the middle chewing on some delicious hoodie strings) are collectively known as a duo by the name of Both Nice.  And the name is pretty on point.  6th sent me over this little number that makes me want fried yuca right now.  I don’t know what that means at the moment, but it’s got to be good.

These two are also releasing a special mixtape in the near future.  Rhyming all over Portishead beats.  Yes, it sounds just as ill as I just typed.  Can’t share that one yet.  Have fun w/ this in the meantime.

Both Nice f/ Jelani – “The Cuchifritos Groove”  LINK


Hells yeah D!

Just so you know, Will’s chewin on santos beads (which me and Jelani are bout to get our own customs soon)

p.s. you added to the blogroll, can we get on the “also peep”??


6th Sense added these pithy words on May 05 08 at 1:03 am

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