DJ Brainchild & Phonte – Gordon Gartrell Podcast Episode #1

This is something I have been quite amped for ever since Brainchild and Phonte were chattering about it last week.  Hopefully both their busy schedules won’t stop these from coming at least semi-regularly.  Brain spins the joints (plenty of fresh, new stuff) and Tay plays host duties.  And if you don’t know who Gordon Gartrell(e) is, I feel sorry for your mother.  

Tangent:  is it weird to listen to podcasts if you don’t own an iPod?  Because I don’t and I never have.  Weird, huh?  I just sit here and listen to ’em @ my desk.  *shrug* 

Here’s the link.  And here’s the tracklist:


Frank N Dank – “One Time For The…” (moO remix)
Sy Smith – “Fly Away With Me”
Up Hygh f/ Eska – “Be Known” (Owusu mix)
Naughty By Nature – “Uptown Anthem”


???? – “???????”
A Tribe Called Quest – “1nce Again” (Yo That Kid Is Nice!!! Mphazes Remix)
Made In Japan – “Babyspace”
Snoop Dogg – “Those Gurlz”
Dwele – “Sexy”
Bugz In the Attic – “Don’t Stop the Music” (Morgan Spacek remix)


Hollyweerd – “Weerdo”
Missy Elliot f/ 702 – “Beep Me 911″
Kraftwerk – “Numbers”
Prince – “It”


Poly – “Get On the Dance Floor”
Niggaz In the Studio – “Our Black Asses”

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